Chronicle 006: Solemnization on the same day or separate day?

During the preparation of the wedding, I find that even the closest couples will quarrel. There are so so so so many details to agree on, to execute and finalize. One subject of contention was whether we should have our solemnization (aka ROM) on the same day as our wedding. After speaking to the photographers, … Continue reading

Chronicle 005: Photographers

With the previous experience, I sat down behind my computer (feeling safe), and researched through forums, photographer’s websites and going through their portfolio. Note: Take a pinch of salt from the feedback given on forums. The stories are almost all one-sided. Pictures speak a thousands words. So make a list of the ones that speak … Continue reading

Chronicle 004: What are the different bridal photography styles? Which is better?

I personally think that this is a harder search as compared to the gowns. Each photographer have his or her own distinct style. Since there’s no “custom make” option unlike the bridal boutiques, you will need to go through a lot of ground work to cover the photographer’s portfolio and finding out about the photographer … Continue reading