Inspiration: Balloons at your wedding

I love balloons. Especially helium balloons. I would take gifts of balloons anytime. And I want them at my wedding. So came the search of different ways to use them, display them and have fun with them. I hope you like them as much as me. Large round white balloons as part of the table … Continue reading

Inspiration: Floral Center-pieces

  Through some accidental clicks on the blogs I was reading, I found an amazing wedding photographer, Christine Mentjes! She is based in South Africa, and takes beautiful pictures. From one of the weddings she photographed, I think she really did the decor justice by photographing them in great detail. The florists decorated the wedding … Continue reading

Chronicle 001: Search for the banquet venue.

I’m writing backwards for this one, as I’ve booked my venue a year ago. Yes, a full year and 2 months before the actual day to secure the ballroom I wanted at the right location within my budget means. I had initially envisioned an outdoor wedding, decorated with paper lanterns. image credits BUT, my other … Continue reading