DIY: Wow Multi-colored Leopard Prints Bridal Nails

The love for leopard prints made me decide that I wanted this design for my wedding day in April 2012. I didn’t do it DIY at that time, as my nails were too short so I had my nails extended using LED cured gel and had the pattern painted on by my manicurist. It’s definitely … Continue reading

DIY: Rockabella Tri-color Pink Base With Black Shatter (Manicure Party Anyone?)

I did this tri-color combination for fun! A friend gave me 2 bottles of china glaze, so I thought out this combination! This will be a great activity to do with the girls. Manicure party! It’s been somehow a tradition that I bring my polishes every time we have a sleepover or if we go … Continue reading

DIY Nail Art: Taupe nails for a grecian gown

I designed this myself for the new year and realized after it could be suitable as bridal nails for a Grecian theme. I used OPI Over the taupe for the base color. If you had a gown similar to the one below, and you could do this nail art with silver and gold highlights which … Continue reading