Chronicle 015 – Our party decorations!!!

            Something went wrong with my previous post, and at the end only the feature image showed up. So i’m going do a repost of my party decorations! It was a small party to celebration the registration of our marriage, the solemnisation. We had friends and family come over for … Continue reading

DIY: Wow Multi-colored Leopard Prints Bridal Nails

The love for leopard prints made me decide that I wanted this design for my wedding day in April 2012. I didn’t do it DIY at that time, as my nails were too short so I had my nails extended using LED cured gel and had the pattern painted on by my manicurist. It’s definitely … Continue reading

Chronicle 009: Handmade Cupcakes

I might look like a dainty mini cupcake kind of girl. BUT I’m in fact more of a large wholesome gooey chocolate cupcake kind of gal. I just collected these super delicious cupcakes today. 2 boxes of wholesome goodies! I got half a dozen in signature oreo chocolate & another half a dozen in peanut … Continue reading

Chronicle 008: How to budget your solemnization party.

Ever since I decided to hold it on a separate day, many questions bothered me. Top of my list: 1) Budget The thing is that we had originally decided to have it on the same day as the wedding to save us some money and buy us some conveniences. Now I have to set aside … Continue reading

DIY: Bridesmaids dresses

A girlfriend of mine owns a web store selling these lovely dresses. They are convertible dresses meaning that they can be worn in many ways. Similar to the one shown below. It’s construction is simple, with 2 lengths of fabric attached to a full bodied skirt (above) or a ruched pencil skirt (below). THE BEST … Continue reading

Chronicle 006: Solemnization on the same day or separate day?

During the preparation of the wedding, I find that even the closest couples will quarrel. There are so so so so many details to agree on, to execute and finalize. One subject of contention was whether we should have our solemnization (aka ROM) on the same day as our wedding. After speaking to the photographers, … Continue reading

Chronicle 005: Photographers

With the previous experience, I sat down behind my computer (feeling safe), and researched through forums, photographer’s websites and going through their portfolio. Note: Take a pinch of salt from the feedback given on forums. The stories are almost all one-sided. Pictures speak a thousands words. So make a list of the ones that speak … Continue reading

Chronicle 004: What are the different bridal photography styles? Which is better?

I personally think that this is a harder search as compared to the gowns. Each photographer have his or her own distinct style. Since there’s no “custom make” option unlike the bridal boutiques, you will need to go through a lot of ground work to cover the photographer’s portfolio and finding out about the photographer … Continue reading

Chronicle 003: Search for the dress. Part two.

Ok. I KIV-ed my evening gown plans and focused on looking for the white gown instead. I thought if at least I had one, I could look for the rest later. After all, I would be wearing the white gown more. I wanted something soft and romantic, and it must have tulle. I think tulle … Continue reading

Chronicle 002: Search for the dress. Part one.

After booking the venue, the next thing in line would be gowns & suits. I’m still writing backwards here, as I started this search from Jan’11 till July’11. It took me awhile to confirm the bridal boutique because I had to find the “dress” first. Here is part one of the search. My approach was … Continue reading