Chronicle 014: Prepping for the solemnization party!

Pictures from our photographer Des came in for selection! He had edited the images for a washed out tone which I really like. So here’s a preview of the preparation work for the solemnization party! The bridesmaids and groomsmen all came early to help up. Eternally grateful! We only have 2hours to decorate the space, … Continue reading

DIY: Rockabella Tri-color Pink Base With Black Shatter (Manicure Party Anyone?)

I did this tri-color combination for fun! A friend gave me 2 bottles of china glaze, so I thought out this combination! This will be a great activity to do with the girls. Manicure party! It’s been somehow a tradition that I bring my polishes every time we have a sleepover or if we go … Continue reading

DIY: Bridesmaids dresses

A girlfriend of mine owns a web store selling these lovely dresses. They are convertible dresses meaning that they can be worn in many ways. Similar to the one shown below. It’s construction is simple, with 2 lengths of fabric attached to a full bodied skirt (above) or a ruched pencil skirt (below). THE BEST … Continue reading