Chronicle 015 – Our party decorations!!!







Something went wrong with my previous post, and at the end only the feature image showed up. So i’m going do a repost of my party decorations!

It was a small party to celebration the registration of our marriage, the solemnisation. We had friends and family come over for a light dinner and drinks which precede the ceremony. So here are some DIY-ed wedding decorations that I made for this beautiful day in March 2012.


“Happiness” Sign


“Mr” & “Mrs” Sign which i tied on black rattan chairs.

Decorated cans for flowers. Tutorial of one of the variations can be seen here.


My dear friend Shannon helped me in folding colorful napkins into the shape of a heart.


And we had each guest a “heart” to use. Wishing them happiness and love.

I also bought scented candles which I decorated with ribbons and washi tape.

It felt like a great accomplishment to be able to make things for this special day, and I didn’t just use it once, I also used it during my reception on my wedding dinner. As I’m writing this, I’m also doing up my nails to attend my friend’s wedding tomorrow. Looking back, I’m really grateful for all the help our friends have given us on this day, as well as on our wedding day. It wouldn’t be possible without them!


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