DIY: Wow Multi-colored Leopard Prints Bridal Nails

The love for leopard prints made me decide that I wanted this design for my wedding day in April 2012.

I didn’t do it DIY at that time, as my nails were too short so I had my nails extended using LED cured gel and had the pattern painted on by my manicurist.

It’s definitely not your typical bridal nails, which made me love it even more! My very experienced manicurist commented that it was one of the more exciting bridal nail set she had done in awhile. That made me very happy.

I took these photos while waiting for the groom to pick me up on my wedding day. I had on a ruffle layered wedding gown from Rico-a-mona which had these amazing folds of tulle & organza, and a veil decorated with some crystals & silk flowers.


My original nails were first extended using a clear gel base. Then the white french tips were added on using a white gel base. Some glitter was added to up the glam factor. The leopard prints were painted on using acrylic colors and finally the crystals set in another layer of clear gel.

By doing this, I avoided getting the crystals snagged in my hair or in one of the many folds of my gown. Also, it made sure the manicure lasted throughout the wedding preparations and the wedding day itself.

Here’s a close up! I definitely want to do this pattern again because I loved it to bits.

And when I do my DIY version, these tutorials would definitely come in handy!

Here’s one in a berry color on myawesomebeauty, and the other one in blue that’s linked on the same website by chalkboard nails.

A quick check list for your own DIY VERSION of the multi-colored leopard print on a white french tip:

1) Light cream pink nail polish (E.g: OPI Pink Friday)

2) Pale Blue nail polish (E.g: China Glaze 1031 Electric Beat)

3) Mint Green nail polish (E.g: China Glaze 625 For Audrey)

4) Chocolate brown nail polish (E.g: OPI Suzi says DA!)

5) Silver Glitter nail polish (E.g: China Glaze 816 Techno)

6) White cream nail polish (E.g: Essie Marshmallow)

7) Silver crystals

With a steady hand and 1 hour to spare, I’m sure I can recreate these pretty things!

2 Responses to “DIY: Wow Multi-colored Leopard Prints Bridal Nails”
  1. evea192 says:

    It looks really really stunning.

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