DIY: TLW originals: Rings in a glass.

I’ve written on the floral inspirations I had gathered on my great friend WR’s wedding here.

And this is the ring holder that I have conceptualized for her. I love that I had a chance to create a lasting memory on this special day.

The lovely couple met at a drinking hole, got to know each other over drinks and good food. Eventually, they tied the knot. The idea of a ring pillow as a wedding gift had been floating in my head for days and it hit me when I was shopping for glasses for my solemnization party that I would ditch the traditional idea of a pillow and create this instead.

It started with this sketch below.

I did a quick sketch and sent it over for the couple to see if they liked it. The idea was to suspend the rings over a branch or some sort, over champagne, so after exchanging vows and rings, they could drink it too. Well, they loved it!

So I started decorating the champagne glasses. I started with wrapping the stem of the glass with a thin white ribbon with pink polka dots.

I then dressed it up with a single strand of pearls coiling in the same direction as the ribbons.

I neatly glued the pearls down unto the ribbon using hot glue. And it’s done!

A few days before, we changed the idea and decided not to have the champagne (in case of accidental spilling at the table) and opt for a rose instead of a branch. So on the day itself, I suspended the rings over a small bed of pale pink and white rose petals.

I used a simple knot and briefed the couple which ribbon to pull to get the rings out.

I was really happy and proud with the end result!

So if you do try this out, or like it enough to share this cute and original idea, please link me back here, thanks!

All vintage style photos are the lair weddings originals.

All other photos are credited to Tuckys Photography, who had been an awesome wedding photographer! His facebook link here, and I think he did a great job capturing my tuxedo nails! 🙂

2 Responses to “DIY: TLW originals: Rings in a glass.”
  1. Jo says:

    this is so lovely and a great idea for bearing rings!

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