Chronicle 013: Tuxedo Fingers

I wanted them long lasting, so I opted for the pro instead of DIY-ing. My fingernails were extended using UV light cured gel extensions, for the extra length needed for the design I did. Frankly, I must give credit to Zooey Deschnel’s tuxedo nails as my first inspiration. I wanted something cute and cheeky, instead of the usual floral bridal nails as the solemnization was a casual sit down party.

I was afraid the original version of opaque white and black might look like correction fluid on my nails, I asked for a pearlescent white base instead.

Also, I decided to make the ribbons 3-dimesional, and add on the crystals for extra bling! Woohoo!

Bottom Image: Courtesy of Des, our freelance photographer for the Solemnization.


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