Chronicle 012: Balloon Bunches for the Solemnization

I’ve pretty much gathered all the things I need for the solemnization. Counting down to 4 days! Ordering my balloons today in order to get them in them. Thanks to ZY & D who volunteered to help us collect them on the day itself. We were worried if 30 would fit into a sedan car. We will find out soon enough. *fingers cross. I just hope they don’t all fly away or something. Haha. Anyway I ordered white, pale blue, robin’s egg blue and pale pink. 4 colors. But before I placed the order, I actually looked up for some inspiration pics and here’s what I’ve gathered.

This lovely mix of color splashes really makes my day! I wander if I can find this here, large and round balloons.

No one can resist an adventure and the movie UP was definitely an inspiration! Some way or another, a marriage is also an adventure. Hopefully there are more ups than downs! 🙂

Following the ombre trend: Beautiful outdoor wedding with yellow and orange balloons.

For the extra drama, order a bunch for your next picnic!

All in all, I’m a fan of solid colors. I didn’t order any pearl/metallic colors one, as well as the clear ones. Just like nail polish, my favorites are still the thick opaque solid colors, call it a personal preference. 🙂

UP up & awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~


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7 Responses to “Chronicle 012: Balloon Bunches for the Solemnization”
  1. Ok, now, don’t laugh at me, but what exactly is a solemnization?
    Really cool and pretty blog, btw 🙂

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