Chronicle 012: Balloon Bunches for the Solemnization

I’ve pretty much gathered all the things I need for the solemnization. Counting down to 4 days! Ordering my balloons today in order to get them in them. Thanks to ZY & D who volunteered to help us collect them on the day itself. We were worried if 30 would fit into a sedan car. We will find out soon enough. *fingers cross. I just hope they don’t all fly away or something. Haha. Anyway I ordered white, pale blue, robin’s egg blue and pale pink. 4 colors. But before I placed the order, I actually looked up for some inspiration pics and here’s what I’ve gathered.

This lovely mix of color splashes really makes my day! I wander if I can find this here, large and round balloons.

No one can resist an adventure and the movie UP was definitely an inspiration! Some way or another, a marriage is also an adventure. Hopefully there are more ups than downs! 🙂

Following the ombre trend: Beautiful outdoor wedding with yellow and orange balloons.

For the extra drama, order a bunch for your next picnic!

All in all, I’m a fan of solid colors. I didn’t order any pearl/metallic colors one, as well as the clear ones. Just like nail polish, my favorites are still the thick opaque solid colors, call it a personal preference. 🙂

UP up & awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~


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7 Responses to “Chronicle 012: Balloon Bunches for the Solemnization”
  1. imagineastylishworld says:

    Ok, now, don’t laugh at me, but what exactly is a solemnization?
    Really cool and pretty blog, btw 🙂

    • Solemnization is whereby the Justice of Peace conducts the ceremony which we say our vows, exchange our rings and sign the marriage certificate. For Christians, usually they go to church and the pastor will do it. For other religions (excluding muslims), we have the option to invite a Justice of Peace who is registered under the Registry of Marriage.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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