Chronicle 011: Planning the honeymoon.

The solemnization is coming soon, and in less than two month’s time, the wedding will be over. Simultaneously, we are also planning our honeymoon.

Tired! L wants to Europe for our honeymoon, I agree. I think it should be nice over there, cool weather and everything. So we started our research.

We were mainly interested in the countries of central europe this time. UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy.

Now came the budgeting, the number of days of leave we have etc.


A long time ago, we came across Contiki tours. It was a tour agency who host tours for people ages 18-35. They have various tiers for their tours and most tend to be on the budgeted side. We decided that since we fit the demographic and the tours should be a little more fun, we visited their local representative and studied their tours. We were interested in the multi country tours, and were closing down to 2 tours, namely European Whirl(18d) or European Highlights (14d), which were land tours ranging from US$2000-$2500. We asked around if any of our friends tried their tours, and the feedback was generally good.

At the same time, we noticed another operator called Topdeck Tours. They were basically about the same as Contiki, hosting tours for the younger people. Tours came with the option to stay in hotels, bunk in hostels, campsite etc. The prices varied and was the most expensive for the hotels, then the hostels etc you get the drift. Of course I wasn’t intending to bunk with 4 others on my honeymoon, so that was out of my consideration. We zoomed in at the EuroHotel catagory and quickly shortlisted to Essential Europe (12d), Soho to Boho (14d) and European Odessey (18d). These ranged from 1200-1800gpb. The best part was that they were having a 20% off promotion for a limited time only.

We quickly researched online for the feedback of both operators. Generally, the feedback online for Contiki was that the tour participants were usually of ages 18-21 and were more of the party-goer types. They had parties almost nightly and there was a lot of drinking. For Topdeck, the demographic was closer to 25-27, slighter older, and the tours focused more on the sights we visited. The hotels were reputed to be decent and clean enough. The sales person was patient and helpful at the local representative’s store.

SO we took the Topdeck tours instead. I’m really not the party-every-night type. I need peace and quiet. LOL.

NEXT post to come > Weather & packing list, How to pack & travel light for a 3 week trip.

Map of Europe:

Featured Image:


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