DIY: Rockabella Tri-color Pink Base With Black Shatter (Manicure Party Anyone?)

I did this tri-color combination for fun! A friend gave me 2 bottles of china glaze, so I thought out this combination!

This will be a great activity to do with the girls. Manicure party!

It’s been somehow a tradition that I bring my polishes every time we have a sleepover or if we go on a holiday. I really enjoyed it 🙂

Using one opaque plum color, with a peach glitter and a pink shimmer, I randomly colored my toes in these 3 colors on each toe.

It doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be covered by the shatter layer.

As you can see from the below picture, all my toes are colored with a different layout of the polishes.

You should wait approximately 1 hour for the polishes to dry, before applying the shatter layer. If not, the shatter will not “crack”. Through experience, I found that if the polishes are totally dry, you get a clearer pattern and the cracks are more distinct. So I leave them to dry for a minimum of one hour, and if I have time, I leave them to dry for two.

Finally, apply the OPI shatter, watch in awe for cracking effect, and remember to apply a layer of top coat!

I also did this combination in turquoise, neon pink and bright green! LOVE the contrast!

Tip for this combination. Allow 2 hours to dry!

If not the shatter will “split/drag” the colors apart (Look at right foot, second toe. There’s an empty spot in the middle)


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