Inspiration: Amazing Edible Button Sweets & Other Embellishments

NO ONE, and I really mean NO ONE should be able to resist these. When I found them online, I probably stared at it for a good 5 minutes.

How can you make such intricate candy? OH I DID MENTION THEY ARE EDIBLE??!!?

They come in many flavors and I’m sure in many colors too. OH the sweet pastels… I really wonder how it is made. It must be some kind of mold or something. One mold for one button. The designs are incredibly similar to the real ones. I don’t think I could ever DIY these.

The vintage buttons are so beautiful! For a person who has jars full of buttons, how can I not love these!

Like having the vintage button candies were not enough, they have to tempt me with a vintage chocolate key~

These would be great fun for an intimate party of 10 or so, and the winner can eat’ em all.

I’m really curious how it taste like. I also believe that they are painstakingly handmade. Remember the signs I made in the previous post? I took 3 hours for 9 signs. How long would it take two persons to do all these?

These sweets whether on their own or used as embellishments on wedding or party cakes, I just can’t stop looking at them. Just looking at them is addictive, imagine what would happen if I got my hands on some? Wonder if it would survive the shipping here.


All images

Andie’s Specialty Sweets Etsy Shop

Thanks Andie & Jason for creating something so beautiful.


7 Responses to “Inspiration: Amazing Edible Button Sweets & Other Embellishments”
  1. dkendrafran says:

    I love this article; I’m a sucker for odd candies (yes, pun intended). Having worked with chocolate and the chocolate-like candy disks (and more recently, Art Silver clay), I’m pretty certain the button-looking ones are from molds created by pressing a button in a putty-like material and letting the material harden. Then you take out the button and voila! You have a mold you can use again and again and again…

    • really? sounds cool! by placing the button in the mold, how do you get both sides of the button details? using two molds?

      • dkendrafran says:

        Since I didn’t notice the other side, I can’t answer that other than with a possibility: If it looks like a button on the reverse and not just flat, then they might have used a fill-in mold (a two-sided mold that you fill from a small hole, let the candy harden, and then open up the mold and release the candy). Hope this helps.

      • Yeah could be. A lot of hard work went to these candies!

  2. dkendrafran says:

    Now that I’ve looked at them again, the buttons are flat on the back (noticed it in pic #2). That means the mold, while probably custom, was open on the up side. To use a mold like that, or any chocolate-wafer-type candy mold, you melt the candy slowly over a double-boiler or in the microwave so you don’t scorch it (and don’t let water get into it or it’ll get hard, unappetizing lumps in it), pour the melted candy into the molds, and then tap the molds on the table-top to force any bubbles to the top. Then, let the candy harden. Pop them out of the mold and voila! Candy in a pretty design!

    A big company of course uses machines to shake the molds, but the purpose is the same: to bring up bubbles so that the end product has no pits or holes on the design surface.

    If these chocolate button candies interest you, or the chocolate key, I suggest you go to the Wilton site or Merckens, and find out just how fun and easy it is to make molded candies. I chose to go with making jewelry instead of chocolate candies because, well… I love to eat, but I’m not fond of cooking and the clean up it entails. LOL

    Good luck and have fun!

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