DIY Tutorial: How to decorate recycled can in twine and old belt

I promised a tutorial for this, so here it is!

Materials needed:

1) Metal cans (Labels removed, washed and dried). It would be good to have a variety of sizes. Reason here.

2) Rope/twine in 2 colors.

3) An old belt or two.

4) Used buttons. I got mine off shirts that cannot be worn or in bad shape to donate and the vintages one came from my mum.

5) Double sided tape.

6) Glue gun (MUST HAVE).

7) Scissors


Seee image below.

From the edge of the can, apply double sided tape and start sticking the twine onto the can.


Continue around the can, until you reach the mid point. To save some double sided tape, I just applied them diagonally across the cans. Some twine will stick, some will not, but it will all be secured as you are using one continuous stripe of twine.


For a little bit of interest, I used two different types of rope. You can use one type, two types or even more.

Continue until you cover the entire can. I chose to leave the “gold” metal edge of the can exposed, I felt that it added a vintage touch. 🙂

To prevent the end of the rope from fraying, use a little hot glue at the end.


Measure out the length of belt needed to cover the can, by wrapping it around the circumference. Cut off the excess.

Buckle up the belt and secure the belt over the can using hot glue, take note to cover where the two types of rope meet.

TIP: Be generous with the glue. If the type of hot glue you use is the type that sets in 60s, you will need to hold down the belt for 1 minute. If not, it will not stick well. Please take extra care with the glue gun, as it will be hot.


At where the belt is cut off, cover the joint with a button of your choice. The purpose of this is to hide the joins, so choose a button that is bigger than the thickness of the belt. Hot glue it.




If you are in Singapore, and you are wondering where to get some of the items needed here…

Glue gun: Approximate S$16 from Popular, Spotlight or from

*Remember to buy extra glue! The glue gun only comes with 2 tubes of gun.

Twine: Approximate $2-4 from Popular, Spotlight and SKP.

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