Chronicle 010: Planning for Wedding Chair Decor

Instead of using one type of chair, I was thinking of an assortment of different chairs for the solemnization party.

BUT the biggest headache would be how to decorate all these different chairs!!!!! I couldn’t figure it out at one point of time, so I decided to sketch all the chairs out, and dream out some ideas on the side. The picture above is from my sketch book. Mainly, the designs are planned to be made with ribbons or tulle or artificial flowers. I haven’t really decided. What I would like to have is either a MR & MRS sign on the back of our chairs, or the monogram of our initials.

Also, I have to note that I have approximately 26 chairs to decorate, so the idea that I pick out eventually has to be easily enough to replicate 25 times.

Some ideas I found, are using paper pinwheels. I tried making some, but it didn’t turn out to be sturdy enough to hold it’s own shape. Maybe I should have tried a heavier weight paper. I used thick magazine paper. Or I need to add a backing behind? Hmmmm..

These large roses are made out of fabric. They look fantastic, but I think will be too time consuming to make. Unless I have my bridesmaids over for another session! (I can hear a distant sigh!)

These are very likely to be papier machier alphabets covered in pretty paper. I wonder if it’s possible to hand make these? I saw the letters at Spotlight, going for $8 a piece, raw.

I believe this should be made out of a styrofoam core covered in small fabric flowers. I saw some in a round shape too.

Finally, one of my favorite design using paper doileys! A friend suggested to dye them in food dye colors, which I thought was a wonderful idea (apart from being messy). I could try one or two and show you the results here! Meanwhile, I’m continuing the search for more chair decor inspirations!

Images from top:







8 Responses to “Chronicle 010: Planning for Wedding Chair Decor”
  1. fawnthomas says:

    Great ideas!

  2. ddsllgirls says:

    Reblogged this on DDSLL Girls.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I just discovered the concept of chair garland the other day, and tackeld a design last night. I love these insipration pictures; what great ideas! I love the paper doileys. 😀

  4. Sarah Hill says:

    Beautiful examples! i just found these chair sashes that are only $1.75/each and ship for free, so I’m doing these:

  5. Chair Covers says:

    Chair covers are the excellent ways to making chair more formal and dressed up. However, we can still increase the glamour factor of these chair covers through the use of a chair cover sash.

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