DIY: Decorated Recycled Metal Cans as Flower Holders

Remember the recycled cans dangling from the wooden frame in my previous post? Well, here is my rendition of the recycled cans project.

DIY doiley/magazine decorated cans! I got peach cans (thanks WR!), fruit cans, mushroom cans, meat cans etc. My friends also came over to help! And we had a therapeutic afternoon together. As you would have already noticed (following the blog posts here), I have a tendency to verve to blue & white themes (see here, here and here)! So these are my blue & white creations.

My friend P says she prefers not to have the button detail. But I LIKE it with the buttons! Some of these buttons were taken off clothes that cannot be worn anymore, or purchased from bargain bins in Chinatown. I got the doileys to make crafts, and got 2 more sizes in order to add some variety to this.

I made a dozen cans large and small in total. My favorite design would be the short one in the front made with twine and an unused belt!

I intend to cut short stalks of blooms to place in them. Currently shortlisted are: roses, gerberas, lilies, purple statices and carnations. These are going to be used to hold flowers for the solemnization party, and will be used again to dress up the reception at the wedding.

Will have a tutorial coming up. 🙂 This is definitely a good way to use up the stash of bridal magazines I have bought since the planning of the wedding.

4 Responses to “DIY: Decorated Recycled Metal Cans as Flower Holders”
  1. I love this idea! I am planning on using this idea as home decor, I have a belt that will be perfect wrapped around one of these puppies!

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