Chronicle 009: Handmade Cupcakes

I might look like a dainty mini cupcake kind of girl. BUT I’m in fact more of a large wholesome gooey chocolate cupcake kind of gal.

I just collected these super delicious cupcakes today. 2 boxes of wholesome goodies!

I got half a dozen in signature oreo chocolate & another half a dozen in peanut butter chocolate.

The oreo ones, of course must have a delicious oreo cookie adorning the top of the chocolate glazing. Instead of crumps of cookies you find in others, these come with a full cookie on top!

The peanut butter chocolate ones are one of the best tasting ones I had for the year. I found out that the peanut butter topping is hand ground, made from raw peanuts. OMG, imagine the work. I think it’s worth it though. The peanut butter is creamy and full flavored. Yum!

Each cupcake measures around 7 cm in diameter, which I think is a good size cupcake you can finish in 2-3 mouthfuls (or one LARGE mouthful, LOL). I’m really considering ordering them for the wedding. Half a dozen costs S$20 from Takehuahee kitchen, and needs to be pre-ordered 5-7 days before. I think my bridesmaids would love them during the bridal shower, or as thank you gifts for helping me out!

10 Responses to “Chronicle 009: Handmade Cupcakes”
  1. royalcookie says:

    Made the mistake of keeping my laptop open to this post and my husband saw your oreo cupcakes. I can use his persistent begging as an excuse to make these for myself this weekend right? 😉

    • of course! please share the recipe too! I always wondered if you baked the Oreos with it, or only put it on after. Haven’t made cupcakes for years. The last thing I baked were sugar cookies!

  2. Joy Cheance says:

    thanks for spreading the love.. glad that you love our cupcakes.. (:
    our very first stall is on its way !!! do watch this space for updates :
    love, TAKEHUAHee

  3. Brandi says:

    I love the smooth finish on the top of the Oreo Chocolate cupcakes, but I wonder how do you get it that way?

  4. comicsagogo says:

    Holy chocolicious! Those cupcakes probably taste yummy enough but they’re also wickedly cool. I was just eating chocolate filling oreo cookies tonight before I saw your post. Maybe add these instead of regular just to boost the chocolate experience a bit more.

  5. bwbears says:

    Looks delicious! Drooling right now!

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