Inspiration: Creative Ways to Display Flowers at a Wedding.

My mum has a collection of chinese tea pots and sets of tea cups. If she will lend them to me, I would definitely use them to display flowers!

It’s really a quaint way to showcase these lovely white flowers.

Another quick way to display flowers, are to use these recycled cans! Instead of using full blooms, use splays of tiny flowers.

I’m not sure how to get hold of these. But I LOVE them. You could give away the stalks at the end of your wedding as thank you gifts.

The two pictures above, showcase a creative but low cost way to display flowers. Using an old vintage table, flowers are displayed in recycled glass bottles. You could use milk bottles, wine bottles or juice bottles. Varying heights is the key success to this look.


Now, the Japanese do it best. How can anything be cuter than these puppies made out of white chrysanthemums!

Images, from top:




4 & 5)



5 Responses to “Inspiration: Creative Ways to Display Flowers at a Wedding.”
  1. Hahaha…. Yes indeed… great minds!!! A great flowery post!!! Thanks soooo much!!!! 🙂 **

  2. Snow White says:

    The tin cans looks great!

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  1. […] the recycled cans dangling from the wooden frame in my previous post? Well, here is my rendition of the recycled cans […]

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