DIY: The anatomy of a candy bar & how to create one.

Sweet tooth alert! Another concept I really wanted for my wedding was the candy bar. I am in love with lollipops and any rock candy.

I was intending to do this for my solemnization, but with 25 guests, I think the portions would be so little, it wouldn’t even look nice.

Thus, I shall use it on the actual day where we hold the traditional sit-down dinner. The number of guests will be around 250-300 people.

I’m going to discuss here, how to portion enough sweets for your guests! Based on the assumption that 300 people will turn up, I am estimating 50-100 children and young adults, 100 adults and 100 older adults (who do not fancy candy).

With 200 guests (who may eat the candy), I estimate 125 who really do take and eat the candies.

Out of 125 guests, 50 will take 3 or more portions. Now there’s no mathematical calculation here, I’m really basing on estimation on the demographics of my guests.

For the candy bar to look wholesome, it ought to have 7 or more different types of candies (based on the pictures in the post). In the list below, I’ve listed out all the types of candy I can think of at the moment, please let me know if I’ve left out any!

List of sweet treats for candy bar

1) Lollipops

2) Honey swirls/sticks

3) Marshmallows

4) Gummies

5) Rock candy

6) Jelly Beans

7) Colored Chocolate

8) Sour candy strips

9) Candy canes

10) Fruit Jellies

11) Mini Cupcakes

12) Mini Biscuits

13) Chocolate covered sunflower seeds

14) Gum balls

15) Cotton Candy

16) Biscuit Sticks covered in chocolate/jam.

17) Mini Ice Cream Cones

18) Mini Japanese Burger Biscuits (These are really cute, I’ll update with a pic soon)

19) Mini biscuits with colourful frosting tops


For a 100 children/young adults:

Choose 8 of the treats above.

My selection:

1) Lollipops – 50 pieces (you can break this number down into different flavors)

2) Fruit Jellies – 500g

3) Marshmallows – 2 large packets

4) Cotton Candy – 30 pieces

5) Rock candy – 1500g

6) Jelly Beans – 1000g or more

7) Colored Chocolate – 500g

8) Sour candy strips – 500g

You must be prepared for left overs, so remember to have containers/bags ready to pack these up.

Ways to store/display the candy

1) Jars

2) Cake stands

3) Foam core (to stick lollies)

4) Vases

5) Large wine glasses

6) Glass urns

7) Trays

8) Tree stand (to hang candy canes)

9) Glass bottles

10) Syrup/milk holders

11) Porcelain flower pots

12) Metal watering cans

By observing the pictures in this post, I realized a successful candy bar is constructed with containers of varying heights. Tall glasses, low jars, trays, cake stands all provide interest to the display.

Hence an important tip from here is that, when you purchases jars, get each jar in a different size. If the ones you already have are of the same height, gift wrap a clean & sturdy box and use it to place some of your candies.

Images, from top:

1) It has an amazing tutorial on how to create your own DIY Ice cream parlour. SUPER!







18 Responses to “DIY: The anatomy of a candy bar & how to create one.”
  1. Cakes says:

    I’m loving all these great ideas!! I have a wedding coming up in just 6 months with NOTHING planned! *wave of nausea overcomes me* I love the idea of a candy bar. We’re already thinking of ditching the traditional wedding cake for cupcakes. Why not go all the way and do a candy bar too? Totally digging this idea! Thank you!!!

  2. Cakes says:

    Roger that! That’s exactly what’s on the agenda for this weekend.

  3. Love all the great candy display pics!

  4. bwbears says:

    This is so lovely and beautiful, have to keep this in mind when I plan my wedding!

  5. jillianjreid says:

    I love the intricacy of your post; the candies, the pictures, the decorations, everything! I love the colors that are filled throughout. Thanks for posting something that is so practical and useful for all kinds of people, and there could even be uses for this in events and small parties. It is great instruction, and I can’t wait to use your advice 🙂 Keep on!

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