Inspiration: Balloons at your wedding

I love balloons. Especially helium balloons. I would take gifts of balloons anytime. And I want them at my wedding.

So came the search of different ways to use them, display them and have fun with them. I hope you like them as much as me.

Large round white balloons as part of the table setting. I was thinking of using this idea to dress up my tables since I wasn’t able to hang anything down from the ceiling. See my rough sketch!

White balloons tied to the ground as outdoor venue decoration. It’s just so romantic.

I know this is over dramatic. BUT you got to give it to them for the effort.

Placards balloons.

I want to be the happy bride with the balloons.

I’m sure the children at your wedding will be delighted. You could give it to them as a wedding favor afterward.

A gift I shared with a few bridesmaids for a good friend’s wedding. The hotel received the gift on our behalf and used them to decor the cocktail area.

Signing off with a burst of red & white balloons. Happy early valentines!


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3 Responses to “Inspiration: Balloons at your wedding”
  1. royalcookie says:

    It is dramatic but that one picture with the balloons on the ceiling and floor is an amazing picture!!

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