Inspiration: Blue Bridal Shoes

I’d picked up a peacock blue mermaid gown as my evening gown. It has a slight tinge of green in it as well, so I’m torn about matching with black or blue shoes. Searching around for blue bridal shoes yielded these 2 collages! About 5 pairs are from Christian Louboutin, which I’m surprised, carried so many blue versions of their shoes.

As the mermaid gown is tight at the bottom, you really need to pick out one that is stable. Because I think there’s no way to fall graciously in a mermaid gown. I can’t imagine that happening.

I’m in favor of the 1st pic of collage 2. It has a platform for added height and comfort, and the straps help me to walk better. I find that when I’m wearing pumps, the heel area tends to come off very easily and I needed to use extra strength to secure my shoes. The peep toe detail will show off my manicured toes!

Image credits:

Collage One (featured image) clockwise from top left:

1) Christian Louboutin:

2) Martinez Valero:

3) Christian Louboutin:

4) Christian Louboutin:

5) Pour La Victoire:

6) Christian Louboutin:

Collage Two, clockwise from top left:

1) Christian Louboutin:

2) Unknown:

3) Unknown:

4) Carvela Gin:

5) Lunar:

6) Christian Louboutin:

2 Responses to “Inspiration: Blue Bridal Shoes”
  1. Love the color you’re going with.. mermaid style rocks. More pics, please, when available! : )

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