Chronicle 007: Predicted timeline for actual day, preparation for make-up & hair. Part one.

To ease my stress on the actual day, I asked a friend who is a make-up artist to give me some tips on what are the preparations needed for hair & make up.

If the groom is due to arrive at your place at 9am, you will need to:

1) 630am-wake up to wash up/shower. If you have time, you can wash your hair so that you will feel more refreshed. Also have a light breakfast.

Note: Call your make-up artist and make sure he/she is on the way over. Or task a bridesmaid to do it for you.

2) 7am-make up artist arrives, to start on make up. Bridesmaids should arrive around this time as well.

Note: You should be wearing something with buttons so when you change out, you will not brush against your make-up or hairdo. I personally feel that, if you can, wear something that will photograph nicely such as nice lounge wear from la senza, cotton on, h & m, forever 21 etc. If you prefer not to buy, just wear a plain colored buttoned shirt.

Note: Ampules and fake eye lashes are not included in your make up package, please remember to set aside money for this.

3) 715am-photographer arrives. Start setting up and take pictures of bride’s gown, room decor, bride doing make-up, bridesmaids preparing gatecrash items etc.

At the same time, the other photographer should reach the groom’s place.

4) 740am-by this time, your make up should be done, start on hair-do. (Depending on the difficulty of your hair-do, you may need 30min-60mins for the hair. Seek advice from the MUA beforehand)

Note: while having your hairdo, you may also have some light refreshments so that you can touch up your lips before the make-up artist leaves.

Note: hair accessories provided by the MUA usually requires a deposit, make sure you set money aside for this to be done.

5) 815am-your make-up and hair-do should be ready, get changed into your gown.

Note: Use the bathroom before your change!

Note: Remember your veil  and bouquet.

6) 830am-phototaking in the bridal room, pictures with bridesmaids.

7) 845am-bridesmaids to stand by at gate.

Well, the earlier you wake up the more time you have for preparations, but that also means less for the much needed beauty sleep.

Put a glass of water with you in the bridal room, with some light refreshments with you. Usually the bride gets rather nervous and may lose appetite. So have small meals and some milo to help provide some energy. You will not get to eat anything until the gate crash is over, and after the tea ceremony is over at the groom’s side. This may be up to 3 hours later, if you two stay really far away from each other.

Note: Remember to pack some lip gloss, loose powder, and blotter with you. Use antiperspirant and bring a small bottle of perfume if you desire. Extra hairpins or safety pins may save your day and some plaster as well.

Now, did I forget anything? 😛

Image credits getty images.


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