Inspiration: Hair Accessories

What completes an outfit? Accessories of course.

For weddings, the hair pieces you choose could put the final touches to your entire look. Naturally, during the process of selecting the right gown, I also looked out for good hair pieces.

Sometimes, the make up artist will provide some accessories for your selection, but I didn’t want to take the chance and lived with “what ifs”. I was thinking if I could find one within my budget I’ll just get it first. If it exceeds my budget, I will try to DIY (I did make one or two, share later).

Here is a collage I made to showcase the different types of hair accessories you can use on your big day.

Clockwise from top left.

1) This is a birdcage veil. It usually covers a little over your eyes and gives an air of mystery.

2) This is a floral hair piece which may also be used as a brooch. Usually worn on the side.

3 & 4) These are 3 dimensional hair pieces which are usually attached to a comb. You then insert the comb part into your hair (part of a bun etc), and it requires the tightness from your hairdo to hold.

5) This is a hairband or it could be held together by a band of ribbon or elastic at the end. Due to the large flowers on the hair piece, the band is needed to hold the flowers in shape. Note: This could be heavy to wear.

6) These are floral bobby pins. Basically pins with a designed “head”, fairly easy to use, also requires tightness in your hairdo to hold.

7) This is a floral, grecian style crown. It’s most suitable for a vintage, woodland style wedding and can be used to add a softness to your look.

Of course, there are still other types such as the tiara, the diamond crowns, but I’m covering this topic a little towards my own taste.

Lastly one of my favorite pictures I’d found: The hairstyle is simple ballerina bun, adorned by light pink fabric rosettes held together by long white ribbons. Perfectly suitable for an outdoor wedding in the woods. This one looks like something I can make out of pink chiffon and tulle!, I was thinking of adding a lace ribbon instead of a plain one.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to “Inspiration: Hair Accessories”
  1. S. Singh says:

    I am obsessed with hair accessories and love this post 🙂


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