DIY: Bridal nails for Solemnization

I can’t remember when was the first time I saw the nails done by this nail artist. I just remember wow they look really girly & romantic!

These are acrylic or gel extensions from the real nails that you have. Then the crystals are added on and the floral patterns are molded on using acrylic power mix. To be honest, I’ve purchased the acrylic power mix before in an attempt to DIY these pretty nails. But it is quite difficult to master! In the end I gave up and used them with silicon molds (they work like jello molds) instead.

Below is a sample I did in 2010 for the new year! They are fake nail chips which I pre-painted and decorated. I used the molds to make the ribbons and the roses. It was really fun! The only thing is that when you make these, they have a flat back, so you need to buy specialized nail glue to attach it securely to your own nails.

That year I wore a nautical inspired dress for the new year, hence this design in white, blue, mint and navy. After reviewing my theme for solemnization, I realized I could create something similar!

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