DIY: How to make a “wedding theme” collage

blue & white theme

blue & white theme

The fastest way to set a theme for your solemnization or wedding day will be to do a collage. I’m doing this for my solemnization get-together.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how I made mine.

1) Source for images on the web. (google images, photostock, getty & various wedding blogs)

2) Use key words such as “theme weddings”, “wedding decorations”, “wedding favors”, “bridesmaid dresses” etc.

3) Group the images you have into different folders. Either by color, or by theme (if you are torn between a few).

4) Download Google Picasa.

5) Load the images from one folder into the program.

6) Click “create photo collage”.

7)  Walah, you get your collage instantly!

*You could also use powerpoint or word if you are more familiar with them.

*If you have photoshop or illustrator, I don’t think you would be reading this. LOL. But this method is really fast.

Alternatively if you have an Iphone, you could use the following apps:

1) Montager ( I recommend this!)

2) Montage Lite

3) The Montage Lite

4) PhotoMashup

5) PicMix Lite

Have FUN!

image credits to getty images, martha steward weddings

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