Chronicle 005: Photographers

With the previous experience, I sat down behind my computer (feeling safe), and researched through forums, photographer’s websites and going through their portfolio. Note: Take a pinch of salt from the feedback given on forums. The stories are almost all one-sided.

Pictures speak a thousands words. So make a list of the ones that speak to you. Drop them an email to ask for a rate card and their availability. This will help you streamline by eliminating the ones who potentially burst your budget, and those who are simply unavailable on the dates you want.

I wrote to many and met up with Mindy Tan photography, Chris Ling Photography and Bryanjean Photography. I had researched intensely before meet them in person as I took great interest in creative work. I found Chris Ling from the bridal mags, BryanJean from my friend’s facebook and Mindy Tan by accident! Their portfolio were interesting pieces of work and I had fun scrolling my iphone for more. It was really great meeting the people behind the lens, and to see if you could connect with them. If you find the connection, you find your wedding photographer. And there is a great chance your photos will look great too.

Things to look out for before signing on the dot:

1) Number of edited images in your album, number of pages.

2) Type of album, type of paper used.

3) Number of hours for the shoot, traveling times included?

4) Number of locations, whether you have a choice in this.

5) Number of unedited shoots for your keepsake.

6) Payment methods and breakdowns.

7) Timeline! (Most important as you need to have the album ready by your wedding day)

During my research, I found a picture I really like.

image credits

The vines of from the trees, the light and shadows from the surroundings, and the light and shadow of a tulle gown. I think I may have found my photographer.

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