Chronicle 003: Search for the dress. Part two.

Ok. I KIV-ed my evening gown plans and focused on looking for the white gown instead. I thought if at least I had one, I could look for the rest later. After all, I would be wearing the white gown more. I wanted something soft and romantic, and it must have tulle. I think tulle photographs really well, catching the light and the shadows when it moves. I cut out the pics from magazines and brought them with me on the search. Another thing I loved, was layers and folds. But soft folds. So naturally I fell in love with Vera Wang.

image credits

After visiting boutiques in amoy street, tras street, orchard delfi, I settled at a shop on tanjong pagar. The lady who attended to us brought out this dress with tulle and organza folds, and when I tried it on, I knew that this could be it. She could understand what I wanted from the visuals I brought with me. And from there, the look I wanted. She made good recommendations, and in the end. I signed up with them.

I will continue to write about my fitting sessions and about the actual day as it comes. If all goes well, I feel safer to recommend them to you, at that time, I’ll write in the boutique’s name. Wish me luck!


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