Chronicle 002: Search for the dress. Part one.

After booking the venue, the next thing in line would be gowns & suits. I’m still writing backwards here, as I started this search from Jan’11 till July’11. It took me awhile to confirm the bridal boutique because I had to find the “dress” first.

Here is part one of the search.

My approach was to read as many bridal magazines as possible for inspiration even though I had this vision of the perfect dress in my mind already. Why? To make sure I’m inspired enough, with as many visual ques I have to be able to communicate properly with any gown designer.

I was absolutely enchanted by this lavender Elie Saab dress with a nude mesh and lace details.

It was sweet and romantic, and most importantly very different from the usual evening gowns you would see.

Using a picture of this gown I had gotten off a magazine, I started my search down tanjong pagar road. Bringing several other tear sheets with me, the designers could tell me directly if I needed to top up from what they have, what materials I needed to use etc.

It was a reality check. That. It. was. not. possible. to. find. a. similar. dress. like. that. unless. I. forked. out. thousands. more. Reason being that the lace used is not available in Singapore, so unless I have it specially sourced, I had to make do with the available material. They showed me a swatch, and I hated it.

Sadly, I had to embark on the search once more.

*Tip: Keep a scrapbook of the visuals that inspire you, use it to streamline and communicate your ideas. You will be surprised how easy it is for the others to understand what you want.


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