Chronicle 001: Search for the banquet venue.

I’m writing backwards for this one, as I’ve booked my venue a year ago. Yes, a full year and 2 months before the actual day to secure the ballroom I wanted at the right location within my budget means.

I had initially envisioned an outdoor wedding, decorated with paper lanterns.

image credits

BUT, my other half is not the crafty type, and his parents are traditional (I think mine too). So instead of insisting upon this, creating unnecessary friction from the start, I dropped the idea quite easily. Harmony was more important than anything.

After visiting about 10 hotels (Grand copthorne waterfront, Carlton, Four seasons, Regent, Grand Hyatt, Marina Mandarin, Marriott, M Hotel & Pan pacific), we decided on Hilton Singapore after attending their bridal showcase.

image credits

It’s good to invest your time to attend these showcases, as you get to preview all the decor themes, sample some of their food and even get a glimpse of the bridal suite. And so we were sold.

*Tip: Try to attend the bridal showcases of your shortlisted hotels. You should know by then if the place is right for you. There’s usually a tea reception, so treat it like a high tea outing! Have fun!


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